Brand Identity

Wally Olins defines it as an organisation’s ‘personality‘. Brand identity is a vital part of your business; essentially it is the face. The brand identity represents your business or organisation’s values, services and personality. Branding can ensure you are instantly recognised for your projects. This is why it is crucial that your brand identity is fully understood and clear. Your brand should reflect the overall objectives and values of your research. The brand is the promise that you make to your customer and this must be upheld in the service provided. The market will perceive your brand or product through what is portrayed by your company. It includes a vast number of variables including colour, design, logo, name, symbol and tagline.

Time and precision is important in developing your brand identity as it will set you apart from your competitors. It also contributes to your brand awareness and brand promise. A strong brand identity leads to brand loyalty, trust, brand preference and credibility.

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