Logo Design

The brand identity or logo of a company can connect minds to the business without needing to see the name. For instance, BP, the petrol company paid around £136 million for its identifiable brand identity. Likewise the BBC spent £1.4 million for their iconic three letters. The worlds biggest and leading companies take great care and pride of their public image. Instant recognition of a company is a dream come true for businesses and is the reason why they spend millions on their logos. Arguably whenever you see an image of an apple with a bite taken out, you may relate that to one of the leading companies out there – this is what each business wishes to achieve, an instant link or recognition.

Often the first communicator to your potential customer is your logo and that is why it is essential that the logo represents the exact image your company wishes to portray. A professional logo design will bring credibility and recognition to your company. Logo designs however are not merely  used for businesses.

As a design agency, we carry out an in depth process where research, sketching, conceptualising, and reflection takes place. This is why our work and experience reflect our prices. When it comes to your logo, you have to make that first impression count, for lifetime.

 If you require a logo design feel free to contact us at info@pariostudio.com.

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